Co-Extruded Polypropylene/TPE Seals for the Air Handling Industry

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Co-Extruded Polypropylene/TPE Seals for the Air Handling Industry

Our customer had been using a family of co-extruded PVC seals for many years. Changes in technology and in the market required seals that could be used in higher temperature applications. The new seals also had to be able to maintain their shape after being compressed and uncompressed thousands of times.

We suggested a polypropylene and TPE co-extrusion, which is ideal for high temperature applications. This material and process combination also feature superior weatherability and improved resistance to compression set.

The greatest challenge to overcome in this approach is the gripping power of the polypropylene on the sheet metal, which is lower than the grip of the rigid PVC that was previously used.

We worked with the customer's design engineers to come up with a new geometry for the polypropylene clip which would allow it to work on their various sheet metals, which range in gages from 14 to 20. Dialing into the proper profile geometry required two prototype dies.

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Co-Extruded Polypropylene/TPE Seals - Project Details

Product Description These seals are used in outdoor air handling applications, including high and low temperatures
Co-Extrusion Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Co-Engineering/Product Development
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Extruder: 2-1/2" single screw with 1-1/4" satellite
Extrusion Die: semi-streamlined co-extrusion die
Overall Part Dimensions Cut Length: 8' long
Seals Range from 0.500" - 1.000" wide
Tightest Tolerances Critical to Quality tolerances of PP held to ± 0.010"
Material Used Polypropylene Co-Extruded with DynaFlexTM TPE
Material Finish Gray Color for Both Materials
Color is matched to Customer Specifications
Sizing Technology Calibration system utilizing 420 Stainless Steel Calibrators and guide plates
Industry for Use Air Handling
Volume 100,000+ pieces
Delivery/Turnaround Time 2 weeks
Delivery Location Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Carolina, California and Kentucky
Standards Met Customer Specifications
Product Name Seal

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