Co-Extruded PVC Panel for the Large Appliance Industry

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Co-Extruded PVC Panel for the Large Appliance Industry

A manufacturer of large appliances came to us with a component that they needed to simplify.

The manufacturing of this two-piece metal part required multiple secondary operations. Forming the part required bending and punching. It then had to be prepped and powder coated. The finished parts were assembled with two specially painted screws.

The customer proposed converting this to a one-piece design. After evaluation we developed a process that utilized our co-extrusion capabilities.

The revised Co-extruded design utilized a new mounting method as well as the adjustability that the two steel panels required. Since the part is visible to the consumer, aesthetics were important; die lines, pits, voids, finger smudges, etc. were not acceptable.

Being a high volume job, we developed the manufacturing process on a Powder PVC line, which has cost advantages in both the raw material and the labor (high output extruder). This project provided significant savings to our customer. For more information on this project, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Co-Extruded PVC Panel - Project Details

Product Description This panel is used in large appliances
Precision Co-Extrusion Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Engineering/Product Development

Laser Printing
  • Part is laser printed in line for identification
Progressive Punching
  • Punches two holes and two notches
CAM Punching
  • Punch a portion of a rib out
Pick & Place Quality Inspection
  • Automatically rejects the part for a variety of quality defects
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 61 mm Conical Twin Screw with 2" single screw satellite
Extrusion Die: fully streamlined co-extrusion die
Overall Part Dimensions 6" wide part
Cut Length: Cut in-line to 24" long
Tightest Tolerances CTQ dimensions to ± 0.009"
Material Used Powder PVC co-extruded with flexible PVC. Both materials are UL94 V0 rated.
Material Finish Colors: Black, White and Almond
Sizing Technology Cold Plate System utilizing air cooling with water jackets cooling and vacuum
Industry for Use Large Appliance
Volume 1,000,000+ pieces
Delivery/Turnaround Time Just In Time (JIT) shipment; schedule changes allowed up to 8 hours prior to shipment
Delivery Location Wisconsin, Kentucky, Iowa, Ohio and Indiana
Standards Met Customer Specifications
Product Name PVC Panel

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