Extruded ABS Plastic Cover for the Transportation Industry

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Extruded ABS Plastic Cover for the Transportation Industry

A customer in the transportation industry was looking for a lower-cost alternative for sourcing these ABS plastic covers and turned to Poly Vinyl Co. for help. They wanted the parts to be of equal quality and an exact color match to the current thermoformed versions.

After analyzing the parts and specifications, our engineering team developed a single-screw extrusion process that utilizes a fully streamlined extrusion die and specialized sizing tooling to create the 24 different versions required. Each version had an overall width of 8" and cut lengths ranging from 36"-110". Our color technicians also devised and tested various formulas to match the white, blue and gray of the original parts. Color comparisons verified that we reached a delta E of less than 1.5, a difference relatively imperceptible to the human eye. During production, vision inspections monitored 5 parameters critical to quality, gage inspection verified fit and function, and the parts were flammability tested to meet FMVSS 302 requirements.

Poly Vinyl was able to successfully match the quality and aesthetics of the parts at a much more reasonable cost than the customer had been paying. We produce 100,000+ each year within a 3 week turnaround. To learn more about this project, or how we can engineer an extrusion solution for your thermoformed parts, contact us today.

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Extruded ABS Plastic Cover - Project Details

Product Description Replace thermoformed part with extruded part.
Extrusion Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Engineering/Product Development
Single Screw Extrusion
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Extruder: 3.5" Single Screw
Extrusion Die: fully streamlined extrusion die
Overall Part Dimensions Cut Length: Range from 36" - 110" (24 different parts)
Overall Width: 8.00"
Tightest Tolerances Cut Length Tolerance of ± 0.156"
Material Used Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), meets automotive specification FMVSS 302
Material Finish Color: White, Blue or Gray matched to customer specifications within delta E of 1.5
In process testing/inspection performed In addition to vision center measurement of (5) CTQs, Gage Inspection for Fit and Function Testing
Industry for Use Transportation, Automotive
Sizing Technology Cold Plate System with cooling
Volume 100,000+ pieces
Delivery/Turnaround Time 3 weeks
Delivery Location Ohio, Iowa, Kentucky and Tennessee
Standards Met Customer Specifications, color match to delta E<1.5, FMVSS 302
Product Name Cover

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