Extruded Polycarbonate Protective Sleeve for the Lighting Industry

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Extruded Polycarbonate Protective Sleeve for the Lighting Industry

A customer in the lighting industry contracted Poly Vinyl Co. to manufacture this protective polycarbonate sleeve for use with fluorescent lighting tubes. This skin-tight sleeve is designed to contain the broken glass fragments if the tube is broken or dropped from a height of up to 20'.

For production, we utilized a 2" single screw extruder equipped with a highly polished tubing head die. As the clear polycarbonate was extruded, it passed into a precision-calibrated vacuum tank with tubing sizer. This methodology was devised to keep the material at the exact temperature needed to maintain the extremely tight tolerances for this very thin walled product - specifications called for ± 0.005" accuracy on the 1.0" I.D. and ± 0.003" accuracy on a material thickness of only 0.015". The finished tubing was cut into 4' lengths and inkjet printed with identification and regulatory information in 4 locations around the diameter.

Successful completion of this project demonstrates why Poly Vinyl enjoys a reputation for manufacturing the finest quality custom plastic extrusions. We produce more than one million of these sleeves each year for just-in-time deliveries to the customer.

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Extruded Polycarbonate Protective Sleeve - Project Details

Product Description Extruded Polycarbonate Protective Sleeve
Extrusion Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
Single Screw Extrusion

Inkjet Printing
  • Identification & Regulatory Information Printed in (4) places around the diameter of the tube
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Extruder: 2" Single screw extruder
Extrusion Die: Fully streamlined, highly polished tubing head
Overall Part Dimensions Cut Length: 4' Long & 1" diameter
Tightest Tolerances ID Tolerance Held to ± 0.005" (1.0" ID)
Wall Thickness Held to ± 0.003" (0.015" thickness)
Length Held to ± 0.030"
Material Used Polycarbonate
Material Finish Color: Clear
Sizing Technology A specialized tubing sizer is using in conjunction with a precision vacuum tank
Industry for Use Lighting
Volume 1,000,000+ pieces
Delivery/Turnaround Time Kanban system
Delivery Location Missouri, Wisconsin, Georgia & Ohio
Standards Met Customer Specifications, UL
Product Name Sleeve

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