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Quality at Poly Vinyl Co. is not a department, but rather a system that is integrated into all aspects of our business. Our trained and certified operators are at the heart of implementing our system and are responsible for creating and ensuring the product going out the door meets our customer’s specifications. Our ISO 9001:2015 system provides the framework for our operators to follow during production and helps ensure the quality and consistency of the product. Some of the tools we use to support our operators are:

  • InfinityQS® real time SPC monitoring software allows our operators to keep our processes centered and in control. This system also allows ease in creating and managing trend data from individual runs and over the course of the product life cycle. Check out InfinityQS® at www.infinityqs.com
  • RomiDot non-contact vision center is especially useful when measuring flexible parts, which can be distorted when measured with conventional tools, or parts that are intricate and difficult to measure with these tools. You can see all of the capabilities of RomiDot at www.romidot.com
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Non-contact vision center-Quality
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Spectrophotometer- Quality
  • Zumbach is an in-line measuring tool that monitors the OD and wall of tubes and adjusts processing parameters to maintain our tubes within the specifications required. Read more about Zumbach at www.zumbach.ch
  • Statistical process control is implemented on many parts through the use of X bar and R charts, Pre-control & Control charts, as well as both short and long term capability studies. Our controlled dimensions are typically held to Cp and Cpk values of 1.33 or greater.
  • Hand gages are the workhorses of measuring parts. At Poly Vinyl Co. we utilize our standard toolbox of calipers, micrometers, pin gages, digital length gages, optical comparators and a variety of other tools to ensure our parts meet our customer’s needs.
  • Custom check fixtures are sometimes used in conjunction with our other tools when it is difficult to define the fit and function of a part by dimensions alone.
  • Certifying and maintaining our primary and ancillary equipment ensures the highest level of repeatability from run-to-run. All of our gages and equipment are calibrated, certified and re-certified at regular intervals.



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